Book Sections

“No Utopias for the Precarious”, in A Return to the Island, edited by Helena Lugo, Mexico: Nowhere, 2018. ISBN-13 978-607-98186-0-9

“Against the Solitude of the White Cube”, in The Standard Model: Curatorial Propositions, edited by Nella Aarne, Adam Smyth, Lucy Lopez, London: Hato Press & Goldsmiths College, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-906685-08-9

Exhibition Catalogues and Essays

En contra de la Espera Interminable“, catalogue essay for the exhibition De regreso a la isla curated by Helena Lugo, Fundació Palma Espai d’Art, December 2016.

Now You Can Go: On Feminist Generations, Affective Withdrawal and Social Reproductionessay on the Now You Can Go projectInstitute of Contemporary Art Blog, December 2015.

Articles and Reviews

“Becoming Together: Speculations on Collaborative Practices within the University”, article in counterfield, Issue 1, 2020.

Pioneering Media Art: An Interview with Kathy Rae Huffman“, interview, Institute of Contemporary Art Blog, April 2015.

“Returning to the Figurative: Body Language at Saatchi Gallery“, art review in Droste Effect, March 2014.

“When Art Goes Out: Thoughts on Public Art”, article in Soapbox Press, June 2013.

“Hecuba, Hekibē, Hecabe, Ekavi Project: Approaching the Other and Re-defining Multiculturalism“, art review in Kosovo 2.0, May 2013.

“De-Constructing Femininity: Body Art and its Semiotics”, article in Κosovo 2.0, December 2012.

“Faces and Stories of Athinas Street“, art review in The Flaneur, October 2012.

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